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First Coast Socials

Hosted in Changing Locations Throughout JAX


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• Meet & Greet
• Meet & Greet
• Meet & Greet
• Meet & Greet
• Saturday Night Mee...
• Meet & Greet
• Saturday Night Mee...
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About First Coast Socials (FCS) & Our Ground Rules

Hiya Everybody. Is it time for a PARTY?

For you new folks our rules are simple but they work.

A) FCS is a FREE Web Based Social Club. There are no membership fees. No commercial solicitations especially for sex, or pay for porno type sites. That means if you host aprivate party you will not charge a door fee, solicit donations, or any other type ofcover or financial exchange.  Common sense BYOB, covered dish or things like that are OK. No links to or promotion of commercial sex oriented sites is permitted. Links to other free access clubs, free access sites, private party announcements, personals, profiles, etc... is OK. Services or products offered to members may be included on a case by case basis.

Enjoy the list and come to our functions if you like. There is never any chargeunless the place we are meeting is an open to the public business and has a cover. I.E.Disney World, a bar, the zoo, a museum, a historic site etc... etc...

B) Respect of one another is a must! Our group has many different thoughts and lifeexperiences. Remember we are a very diverse group of people, we are a social club and opento all regardless of any of the standard prejudices See the homepage for the basicdescription. If for some reason you develop some kind of problem with someone inthe club please keep the exchanges out of the public eye. If an activityis posted couples only or singles only please respect that as well. Remember FCSis open to all.

C) We apologize for having to post this rule howeverexperience has taught us that it is necessary. No Illegal Substances of anykind will be tolerated at any FCS related event. These words to the wiseshould be sufficient.

D) You are responsiblefor your own transportation, food costs, beverages, souvenirs, and any other expensesinvolved with arriving at or departing from any and all functions.  We havechapters opening in many cities in FL and South GA. Participants for our DayTrips and other larger events come from all over the First Coast and in somecases the world..

E) Private postings and sites are cool. You may post any kinds of personal picturesyou like, as long as they are not bestiality, child porn etc. (Apply common sense here)  in any one or all of our branches. FCS reserves the right to delete any content at any time. Understand that anything you post is posted in a most public manner andavailable to all members and in some cases casual browsers. You can send private messages by clicking on the private e-mail andresponding in the normal manner.

F) Future plans include trips abroad to Jamaica (HEDOII), Europe (OctoberFest, Germany), Hawaii (Just because), Ocean Cruises, and any points of interestin the world that are of interest to our members.

G) Speaking for us we have had a fantastic time every time the group has come together.For you new folks when we come together in public it is to socialize. Whateverarrangements are made among members is among the members. Not every one shows upevery time.  Some functions have over 100 people some functions have two folks,it is seldom predictable. It is always fun.

H) The goal of First Coast Socials (FCS) is for like minded folks to meet like minded folks. We are open to anyone who can observe these few simple rules. Come out to the functions, enjoy yourself, socialize, have a good time. Please remember this is a social club not a sex club! Understand that everyone is different, we come together to meet and socialize, and to celebrate life...  Hope to see you there wherever that may be.

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